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Move Elastic: customized for your project!


Premium luminaires featuring modern and simple design. Available in three size options: 300 mm, 200 mm, and 100 mm. And two color versions: black and white, both micro-textured.

Our TUBE Line offers luminaires manufactured with high-quality components (COB LED and no-flicker power supply).

Provides perfect lighting for offices, homes, retail establishments, art galleries and museums, and offers an added advantage: east to assemble!


Our linear lighting solution for saunas and bathrooms or in high-temperatures environments, resisting not only high heat, but extreme cold as well for a more modern and sophisticated ambience!


Move Elastic is a modern flexible modular linear light system for ceiling/floor installation (featuring a heavy base together with elastic material, easily adaptable to different heights and varying inclinations).

Produced with elastic material, on one side the white material diffuses the light from the LED strip and on the other side the strips of elastic material are colored, marking colored lines on the interiors.


Tensioned linear profile with direct or indirect light connected between two points.

Its sleek design, with no rods, makes the lighting project unique and exclusive, for seamless lengths up to 20 meters.


Acoustic Blade is an extraordinary acoustic luminaire. Using a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) panel with a large surface area, and featuring sound-absorbent and environmentally sustainable material created from recycled 1.5 L plastic bottles, this light fixture absorbs ambient noise, for greater acoustic comfort.

Thanks to its shape, it can also serve as a partial barrier in open-concept offices, equipped with high-quality light, making it a perfect fit for both work and home settings.

This luminaire offers a wide range application styles, since it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

About Us


At PDLED, we count on a highly qualified and experienced team working at our factory in Rio de Janeiro. Our facilities use state-of-the-art machinery and we are deeply concerned with ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

Our manufacturing unit has luminaire production lines, professional production and inspection equipment, as well as a complete quality control system, which is supervised through our leading-edge supply chain management system.

Although our factory is located in Rio de Janeiro, we also serve customers throughout Brazil and in South America. We have brand representatives in the Southeast, South, Mid-West, and Northeast regions of Brazil, in addition to Paraguay and Argentina.

PDLED is recognized by our customers, thanks to our top-quality products, distributed to 60 cities across Brazil.